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Family physicians should be the first stop when we see changes in our health. It's the first filter when we don't feel exactly fit. It is the family physician who knows the medical history of each patient and who recommends medical tests. He also interprets medical tests and decides whether it is necessary to approach other specialists for your conditions.

Diagnosis, treatment, or maybe just a medical letter or medical referral, all are handy, a click away.

We pay attention to all the conditions that fall within our competence! Let us take care of your health and your family.

Please keep in mind: each case is different. Some cases (and, fortunately, most of them) can be treated online, but there are some situations where going to the doctor’s office is mandatory. The easiest way is to set up an online meeting with your doctor and together decide the next steps, depending on your need. Through, you can also schedule online, and in the office, the important thing is to solve the problem you face and be well!

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