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Neurology | It all starts with the head! How do we make sure it's okay?

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Did you know that an imbalance in brain chemistry can cause many unpleasant symptoms, and neurologists, for example, treat not only this disorder, but many others that apparently would not seem to be related? We know that you think about brain-related conditions, so it's important to know that "neurology" is the one that seeks and understands details.

Restless leg syndrome, paresthesia that's not related to some other health issue, confusion, dizziness all put you in trouble. Headaches that apparently have no other medical causes, increased muscle weakness or changes in the sense of touch, all come with worries.

The neurologist is a specialist with advanced training in the field, in diagnosing and treating diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. Central or peripheral nervous system, Alzheimer's, epilepsy or something minor related to stress and insomnia? Let your neurologist guide you and help you improve the quality of your life.

Take back your health control through neurology!Do it in the comfort of your home!

Please keep in mind: each case is different. Some cases (and, fortunately, most of them) can be treated online, but there are some situations where going to the doctor’s office is mandatory. The easiest way is to set up an online meeting with your doctor and together decide next steps, depending on your need. Through, you can also schedule online, and in the office, the important thing is to solve the problem you face and be well!

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