Depression, anxiety, stress test - DASS-21 Scale

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety at one time or another. The difference between them is that stress is a response to a threat in a situation. Anxiety is a reaction to the stress.

Whether in good times or bad, most people say that stress interferes at least moderately with their lives. Stress typically goes away when the stressors disappear. However, chronic stress can escalate into anxiety or depression, so it’s important to take steps to reduce or eliminate stress whenever possible. Chronic stress can affect your health, causing symptoms from headaches, high blood pressure, and chest pain to heart palpitations, skin rashes, and loss of sleep.

The DASS-21 is a measure of mental health focusing on the three traits of depression, anxiety and stress.

If you are concerned but unsure, take our DASS-21 Self-Assessment below. More and more workers are taking time off on stress leave and you don't want to be next! Find out whether you are at risk with this test.

In order to receive the most accurate results, please answer each question as honestly as possible. Together, we will address your issues in a caring, professional manner and help you find the path to a satisfying new life.