Quality of life test - WHOQOL Bref Scale

Your well-being is important isn't it?... For you and for us to know how we can help you if it doesn't work to the fullest, what it lacks to add the missing puzzle piece.

Wellbeing is an experience of health, happiness and prosperity. This includes having good mental health, high life satisfaction, a sense of meaning or purpose, and the ability to manage stress. In general, well-being is about your well-being and it's something sought by almost everyone, because it includes so many positive things – feeling of happiness, health, social connection, a clear and defined purpose.

We want you to know: Wellbeing is an important component in assessing human health and in recent years the focus has been on measuring health beyond traditional health indicators, such as mortality and morbidity.

The WHOQOL-Bref scale developed by the WHO can help you with this. Measure your well-being so that you know exactly where you can or should take action.